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Texas Rose Festival: A Rosy Legacy in Tyler, East Texas

The Texas Rose Festival is a four-day event held annually in Tyler, Texas during the third week of October. First held in 1933, the festival celebrates the local rose industry with a series of festivities such as parades, coronations (for the annually elected Rose Queen), art fairs, and other events. Now a city-wide event, the Texas Rose Festival can be enjoyed in several locations throughout the city as well. 

Brimming with southern charm, the Texas Rose Festival kicks off with a ribbon cutting ceremony. But you have to stay for the second and third day for its crowning events: the coronation and parade. Rose Queen candidates will adorn themselves with lavish rose gowns as they wait for the big reveal on stage. Other titles bestowed upon the candidates include Duchess and Princess of the Rose Festival. Make sure to stop by and congratulate the young ladies on their new royal titles.

The festival parade is another must-see event when you’re visiting the Texas Rose Festival. Small businesses flood the festival organization’s mailbox to secure a place for their float months before the festival takes place. The end result is a seemingly never-ending stream of floats that is embellished with hundreds and thousands of beautiful roses. If you didn’t get a chance to catch a glimpse of the Rose Queen at her coronation, you can still catch her as she greets parade attendees on her float.

Not quite comfortable in big crowds? The Texas Rose Festival caters to everyone. Outside of the highlight events, there are art shows, garden tours, and luncheons available throughout the four-day festival. Make your way down to the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden or Tyler Botanical Garden to explore your inner botanist. Check the festival schedule for guided tour times or go by yourself to appreciate the roses in silence. 

If you’ve already been to the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden or Tyler Botanical Garden and are looking for something a bit different, other tours are also available at different locations such as the Chamblee’s Rose Nursery, Lindsey Park, and the Goodman-LeGrand Museum and Gardens. One thing is certain, at Tyler, you’ll see a lifetime worth of roses. 

After a long day surrounded by people and festivities, Antique Capital RV Park can offer you the peace and quiet that you need. Tyler, Texas is only a quick 30 minutes away from Antique Capital RV Park, so make sure to stay with us when you’re ever in the area!

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