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Stop n’ Smell the Roses: Rose-themed Dining and Treats in Tyler, TX

The roses from Tyler, Texas are world-famous – so much so that Tyler is touted as the “Rose Capital of the World.” It’s a heaven for rose-lovers, and visitors can often find rose-flavored treats and goodies all around town. Cafes and bars serve rose-flavored concoctions, while bakeries offer rose-flavored pastries for hungry visitors. 

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the rose-themed souvenirs you should consider taking home when you visit:

Rose-Themed Soaps & Jams @ the Visitor’s Center

The Visitor’s Center located in downtown Tyler should be the first stop for any visitor. There is an extremely helpful staff on hand that will answer all your questions and point you in the right direction. Or you can pick up a map of the most Instagram-worthy hot spots in the city! 

They also offer a nice selection of specialty souvenirs for tourists. Bring home a fragrant pink bottle of freshly-made rose jam, or try one of their rose-themed soaps on offer. If you like what you buy but have already returned to home-sweet-home, check out their online shop where you can order what you like and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Rose-Flavored Drinks @ the Foundry Coffeehouse

Although nothing on their menu is specifically rose-flavored, the Foundry Coffeehouse allows you to add an extra pump of rose syrup to any beverage for only 50 cents. You might not notice it the first time you visit, but it’s a well-kept secret of all Tyler locals. 

The rose syrup comes highly recommended when paired with their house coffee, iced latte, cappuccino, and iced tea. Click here to visit their website. 

Rose-Scented Goodies & Souvenirs @ Moon River Naturals

All natural and organic skin care has taken center stage in the beauty scene over the last few years, and local boutique Moon Rivers Naturals has been making environmentally friendly toiletries for longer than that. 

In addition to the impressive selection of body wash, lotions, body oils, scrubs, lip balms, and exfoliating scrubs they offer, Moon River Naturals pays homage to the heritage of Tyler, Texas by offering rose-scented products. Bring home a bottle of Spearmint Rose Face Haze, or a box of their best-selling French Rose Clay Facial Bars. Another best-seller, the Blossom Bath + Body Oil, is made with real, organic rose petals.

Rose City IPA @ True Vine Brewing 

At True Vine Brewing, they believe that “the best way to enjoy a beer is around a table with old friends and new,” and so they work hard to provide a space where the whole family can hang out – even the dog. Feeling all fuzzy inside? 

Wait until you try their specialty – a rose-infused artisanal beer called Rose City IPA. It’s “nice and hoppy” according to one review and is jam-packed with rose flavor. When you’re in town next time, make sure to drop in to unwind with the family, and enjoy a can of this delicious brew to mark the end of a wonderful trip!

Tyler, Texas is just a short 30-minute drive from our RV Park. So come stay with us next time if your destination is to stop-n’-smell the roses at Tyler.

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