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Family-friendly Fun for Charity at Longview Wine Festival

The Longview Wine Festival is an annual fundraising event organized by the East Texas Alzheimer’s Alliance. Proceeds from the event contribute to maintaining their programs, and are essential for the alliance to continue providing caregiver resources for the Alzheimer community.

Uncharacteristic of simple fundraising events, the Longview Wine Festival has become famous in its own right, drawing over 2,500 attendees from all over the country in 2018 alone. It was also chosen as one of the Best Area Events in Longview by Locals Love Us for two years in a row. 

And it is little wonder, as the event usually brings a large number of wineries from around Texas and the US to Longview, allowing guests to try a diverse array of good quality American wine.

Wineries who have attended the festival in the past include: 

  • Los Pinos
  • Landon Winery
  • White Fox
  • Enoch’s Stomp
  • Red Road
  • Naca Valley
  • Silver Lake Cellars
  • Tara Vinyards
  • O’Farrell
  • San Ducerro Vineyards
  • Texas Vineyard & Smokehaus
  • Maydelle Country Wines
  • Bella Stella Winery
  • Kissing Tree Vineyards
  • Texas Legato Winery
  • Big Rock Winery

Other than wine however, the Longview Wine Festival also boasts an impressive selection of food vendors – proving that wine is best enjoyed with good food. With over 50 vendors and a platoon of food trucks, attendees can enjoy a wide variety of the best food Longview has to offer. 

A select few local Longview restaurants and catering services, the likes of which include The Cace Kitchen, Bodacious on Mobberly, Fisherman’s Market, Butcher Shop and GZ, also showcase their favorite wine pairings in the VIP tent.  

And the Longview Wine Festival isn’t just for legal drinking-age adults either. Guests are encouraged to bring family members of all ages along, with activities like a petting zoo for children, and yoga classes for young and old. The organizers also select a local Longview band every year to provide musical entertainment all-day long. 

The next Longview Wine Festival is slated for April 24, 2021, and the organizers have promised to allow sponsors to carry-over their 2020 donation. Some Longview sponsors have even pledged their donation outright for 2020 and plan to return again in 2021. The 4th Annual Longview Wine Festival in 2021 is projected to see wide attendance as people start travelling more with lockdown restrictions lifting everywhere. 

Visit the Longview Wine Festival at The Green, just a 15-minute drive away from Antique Capital RV Park!

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