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3 Restaurants with Beautiful Patios for
Post-Pandemic Outdoor Dining in Tyler, East Texas

As COVID seems to be coming to a close, and shops, cities, and even countries are beginning to tentatively open up, people are chomping at the bit to finally get out of the house and go out on the town! The past two years have been fraught with misinformation and political turmoil, but it seems that many are eager to put that behind us and enjoy a fresh new experience with the outside world. 

We’re making plans to meet up with old friends and acquaintances, try new food, or simply to drop by favorite old haunts once more to regain a semblance of life before the pandemic. And the people of East Texas are no different. In fact, patio dining enjoys a special place in the hearts of true Texans, and many restaurants pride themselves on the swanky patios they offer to their patrons.

So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite patio dining places in Tyler, East Texas, which is just a short drive away from ACRV park, and invite all those who visit to join in the vibrant tradition of dining outdoors! Here’s a list of great patio dining options: 

FD’s Grill House

Our first recommendation, FD’s Grill House, offers formal dining in the laidback manner characteristic of classic Texan hospitality. On the menu is a good selection of starters, an impressive array of seafood and fish, as well as crafted salads, steak & ribs, chicken & pasta, and the crowd-favorite: burgers & sandwiches. The fish is always freshly delivered from the gulf, and the price is reasonable to a fault – especially considering the eye-watering inflation that’s been going on post-COVID. 

For family gatherings, FD’s Grill House also offers curated family meals that will serve even the most ravenous crowd at a price that will not break the bank. But the best part is the swanky patio attached to the side of the restaurant. The décor is upscale for a simple patio, and the patio is conveniently sheltered from the elements to keep in line with the formal atmosphere of the restaurant. But the walls are sheer windows dropping from the ceiling almost all the way to the floor – offering 360-degree views of the beautiful scenery in Tyler, Texas – one of the primary reasons people seek patio dining options here. 

Bernard Mediterranean Cuisine

Bernard’s is a family-owned and operated business situated in the heart of downtown Tyler, Texas and has been serving the community “the finest food” for over 20 years. Although Mediterranean food, the primary cuisine on their menu, does not fit in with our classic perceptions of fine dining, but the décor and general atmosphere is sophisticated and upscale, and the dinner menu offers a great selection of food from across Europe to tempt even the most discerning palate. 

The best part is their open-air patio replete with heating lamps for some of the more frigid winter nights – not a common occurrence in Tyler, Texas to be honest! But limited seating (only three tables) combined with the popularity of the restaurant means that seats on their patio must be booked well in advance. If you’re lucky enough to snag a seat on the patio, then you will be able to enjoy your delectable Filet Mignon Forestiere while people-watching and taking part in the bustling activity around downtown Tyler. 

Rick’s On The Square

Our final and favorite recommendation, Rick’s On The Square, is touted as “a culinary variety you’ll find nowhere else!” The food is simple but delicious – the way it should be – and the selection of seafood on offer is sure to satisfy anyone’s cravings. Rick’s Big Street Tacos are a must-try if you ever go, and the star of the dessert menu is surely Gigi’s Banana Pudding. The Certified Angus Beef Burger is something “to die for”, but the main selling point of Rick’s goes beyond the menu. 

Rick’s On The Square touts a stunningly beautiful open-air patio where diners are invited to enjoy a premium cigar along with their meals. And as a bow to the traditional atmosphere of a trattoria, Rick’s On The Square also offers live music from Thursday through Saturday on the Patio, making it a truly wonderful experience to dine outdoors at Rick’s!

We hope that’s got your mouth watering and tastebuds dancing if you’re planning on being in Tyler, TX, or the surrounding area. If you are coming through, consider looking us up for a stay, we’d love to have you!

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